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It is unification day in Germany, so telephone and inbox have been fairly quiet, while Zurich moves about with its workday noise outside my window. This gives me a chance to get everything together for finalize preparations for Leuphana College, where I am co-teaching a Fresher’s week case study called “Future. City. Life” starting Monday. Students are to develop and presents visions for a fictional European city, Leinwig, and how it will be affected by the impending demographic change, the ongoing digitalization of culture and the continuing urbanization that impacts sustainable habitats.

It’s the first time that I am up on stage in front of a cohort of 800 or so students, but that is not the main reason I am excited about this: Taking a cue from the MOOC “Think Tank Cities” that was offered at Leuphana Digital School earlier this year, we will be using a MOOC platform for on-campus teaching as an experiment, though I am not sure they will allow external lurkers. Also, the entire case study will be conducted in English. I am not sure whether I will have enough time and energy during the next week to live-blog or tweet anything, but I will report on results here after the project concludes on Friday with the presentation of results and the jury selecting a winning team. The local newspaper is sure to have some coverage.