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Cover "Blended Learning in (fr)agile contexts"

Blended Learning in (fr)agile contexts. A handbook of program design practices

Seyfarth, Felix C
Freie Universität Berlin
Publication year: 2019
Cover "Media Design Exptertise"

Media Design Expertise for Videos in Higher Education: A Collection of Interviews with Lecturers, Filmmakers and Communication Experts from the Fields of Science Teaching, Media Design, Gesture Studies and Digital Education

Jeannine Reutemann, Chris Boebel, Sandro Cannova, David Cox, Peer Ederer, Clayton Hainsworth, Peter Hertling, Sotaro Kita, Eric Klopfer, Lara Ruppertz, Pedro Schloendorn, Christina-Maria Schollerer, Felix C Seyfarth, Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Jason Marsh, Nigel Smith, Esther Snelson, Jon Wardle
Reutemann, J. (Ed.): Media Design Expertise for Videos in Higher Education, Universiteit Leiden, doi: 10.17605/OSF.IO/VN5RB
Publication year: 2018